Website ClipThe Shell

A friend of mine is a talented artist who makes beautiful custom cabinets and furniture. A while back he asked me about possibilities for a small brochure style website to be used to help with his advertising and marketing. His logo consisted of a very detailed drawing of a wooden shell that he had made with his company name and information super-imposed over the drawing.

Recreating the Shell

Making the shell digital was something I was excited to try because it would stretch the skills I am forming. It would be challenging because the shell would transition from the world of black and white to that of color and because it would be for someone very particular, who would notice even the smallest details.

Business Card Shell ScanI began with scanning the business card into Photoshop. The business card was made with a multicolored paper and the shell was lightly contrasted in the background. I began by deleting the superimposed text and then adjusted the image until the shell emerged from the background.

Next I selected the pen tool and began outlining the the image. A lot of Photoshop users, even advanced users like my wife, have never used the pen tool.The Original Shell Outlined To me it is one of the most useful tools allowing you to create paths that will transform into new fonts, illustrations, and shells.  So I carefully manipulated my lines around the shells form my path.

From there I added color, shading and texture till I had a my shell. It has been a few months since I completed this shell and in the fresh light that time can provide I see a few things that I would like to tweak, but I would enjoy knowing what you think.A Digitally Carved Wood Shell