Dawn Dish SoapTools created to clean come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Some tools scrap, some scrub, and others slice through the grime. When it comes to grease and grime the tool that cuts through is Dawn Dish Soap.

It may seem silly to review dish soap, after all soap is soap, right? Wrong. My days are spent working as a Water Pollution Control Operator down stream from a microwave bacon factory and our primary pollutant is bacon grease. We are tasked with the job of removing thousands of gallons of grease each day from all the water that leaves the plant. Unfortunately, that grease doesn’t just leave the water and go into its own holding tank, it leaves the water to get on everything – walls, floors, and tools. So I spend a lot of time cleaning grease, sometimes grease that is inches thick. I like to think this makes me something of a grease cleaning expert.

I have use commercial degreasers with names like Meatroom Degreaser and Hi-Voltage Degreaser along with generic versions of Dawn and other dish soaps. The commercial degreasers come in concentrates that require dilutions. Some are concentrated liquids that can cause chemical burns if they contact skin, while others are concentrated powders that can pose respiratory hazards.  While they cut through the grease their limited availability and hazardous nature make them inferior to the safer and much more available Dawn.

There are thousands of dish soaps available on the shelves of stores, some of the are competitors to Dawn while others are copycats. But none of them compare to Dawns ability to clean. Even if the generic version copies the iconic shape of the Dawn bottle, or says in small print “*compare to Dawn” it doesn’t compare. Something about the surfactants used or the way it is formulated allows Dawn to work harder and clean better. While some of Dawn’s competitors can approximate its cleaning power they feel as though they leave behind a residue, especially noticeable when using the soap to wash the grease from your hands 20 or more times a day.

So even if you don’t need to scrub inches of grease from your pots or tools, if you need it clean use Dawn. Just a few drops in some warm water can accomplish more than you realize.