Drawing Faces and Expressions BookIf you have read my About page, you have read mention of a pastor who was also an amateur artist and a mentor to me both spiritually and artistically. I remember him taking the time to encourage and instruct me in drawing, even when I obviously didn’t take the time to practice what he was teaching me.

I don’t remember much of what he taught me and he is no longer with us, but what I do have is a book about drawing that he gave me to use. It was a book he found at a garage sale, evidenced by the sticker still on the cover all these years later. While that sticker price isn’t much today, it was an enormous amount to a man supporting a family on a salary ridiculously below the poverty level for even a single person.

The book, published by Grosset & Dunlap of New York, was copyrighted in 1956 and reprinted in 1958. It spends some time talking about materials to use, including India Ink, H.B. lead pencils and charcoal, before discussing the anatomy of the face in relation to drawing its features.

While it is not a revolutionary piece on drawing, it was and is important in my life as sketcher.  My goal over the next weeks, months, or however long, is to spend the time on the lessons that I should have spent all those years ago.  I know somewhere I recently saw a notebook that had some of the original drawing I made from this book, if I could relocate it I may just post them as comparisons. It should be interesting.