Making Dawn Dirty

I maintain two blogs, this one where I share what I hope are improving designs along with my designs to improve how I live, and another blog, I’m just starting, where I share projects I am working on that don’t fit with the theme of this blog: The Occupational Hobo.  As a part of The Occupational Hobo (TOHobo) I am going to review some things that I believe work exceptionally well. One of those items is Dawn Dish Soap, it may sound kind of funny to most people to take the time to review soap but my day job is spent south of a pre-cooked bacon factory, where we remove the bacon grease from water. So, cleaning grease off of everything is a big part of my time and nothing cuts through the grease like Dawn brand Dish Soap – if that is the kind of thing you are interested in check out my review of it at TOHobo.

The reason I am talking about it here is because of the work I had to do to create the image of the Dawn bottle I wanted. The original DawnI wanted a picture of Dawn that looked like the bottles at work- dirty, nasty, and hard working, but I didn’t want to take a camera to work to get the picture. So I grabbed the bottle from under the sink at home and had my wife snap a few pictures of it (she doesn’t want any credit for the picture though). Background Then I headed over to my favorite website for textures and grabbed some rusty metal for a background. Finally it was time to get dirty. Using several grunge brushes and color changes I did my best to make it look like the go to bottle for cutting through grease.The Dirty Dawn