Different Facial Shapes

I wonder if I have been creeping people out lately. In reading through my book “Drawing Faces and Expressions,” I came across an entry that discusses facial shapes. As I stared at the simple diagrams of Convex, Straight, and Concave shapes I wondered if faces were really that different. Perhaps it is left over from all those years as a child drawing a circle and planting a triangle nose on the front for a head, but that is how I imagine peoples’ faces.  A slight outward curve interrupted (some more than others) by a nose.

So I decided to stop and take note, to examine  profiles as I had opportunity.  Unfortunately for my church Bible Study group, they were the first individuals I had to examine after seeing the diagram in my book.  I casually glanced around the room and for the first time realized how different profiles could be. I tried not to be distracted by it, but having previously believed I lived in a convex only world, I surprised at the straight and concave people around me.

Ever since I have been paying more attention to all the profiles around me and have caught myself staring intently at side of peoples’ head. I am sure some have caught me looking and confirmed in their mind that I was strange, but to me the diversity is fascinating.