Facebook is for praise. When people display photographs, drawings, paintings, and the like on Facebook they are looking for affirmation and encouragement. They want people to rave about how cool their creation is, how amazing an artist they are, and the like. They don’t want a critique. Trust me, if you offer up a suggestion on how it could be better you are viewed by most as a jerk. Facebook, right or wrong, is for praise not for critique.

That is part of why I created a blog, I didn’t just want to be told I was great, because I know I am not. I know when it comes to art I am not in any category – and not in a good way. But I want to be better. That is where this blog comes in and where you come in as well. In order to be better, to see my problems, I need help. I need people who are willing to critique, to point out the flaws and see where it all went wrong. I need people to be honest about what they see.

So leave a comment, let me know if the colors are all wrong, if the picture is wonky, or the writing is horrible. Help me learn. The only thing I ask is that the comments are honest and constructive, not hurtful and destructive. If the brown is puke-inducing, tell me it is puke-inducing, but don’t tell me I am puke-inducing. And don’t stop there, if you didn’t like the brown tell me what color you would use. If something could be better let me know how. And if you honestly look at an entry and think everything is perfect you can say so in a comment and I promise not to call you a liar.