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Farmall 560 Left SideMy Grandma bought this toy tractor for her boys in the early sixties. Having had a total of 15 children, all of the toys saw a lot of play time and this tractor doesn’t appeared to have escaped.

Farmall 560 Rear PerspectiveNot long ago my Grandma asked my parents if some repairs could be made to it, mainly she seemed to be concerned about the missing front wheels. The project then got passed to me.

Farmall 560 Front RightWhile I grew up on a farm and have always enjoyed antique tractors I had no idea as to the model of this specific one. I knew enough to know it was a Farmall but that is where my knowledge ended. So I asked the man who knows all the answers, my father. When I asked him what it was, he snatched it from my hands and began to turn it over and over. Then in a tone that seemed to communicate the utter simplicity of the identification, he told me it was a 560. Why? because of the 2 point hitch and the six cylinders that separated it from the similar 460.

This restoration is going to go beyond just repairing the front wheels. I will be repairing the steering, replacing the other missing parts, and giving it a new coat of paint.

Farmall 560 DisassembledFirst thing we have to do is tear it down so we can clean and prepare it for its future coat of paint.

Next we will stripping off the old paint as well as finding or making the missing pieces.