IowaDNR WasteWater Grade 3 I have been spending 4 to 5 hours a day for almost the last 3 months studying for an exam I have coming up. The exam is for my Iowa DNR Grade 3 Waste Water Certification. All of the people I have talked to who have taken the exam describe it as the hardest test they have ever taken.  The test creators recommend mastering the content of 3 college textbooks, and by mastering they actually mean to memorize.

As a result of all this studying, my mind is rebelling against the very thought of learning. So as I sat down in front of the computer this afternoon to continue working on my study guide all I could think of was a logo for the test. So I opened Photoshop and worked this rough logo out instead of studying.  But I figure since it is still abstractly about the test it still counts as studying.