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Lightning McQueen Pinewaood Derby CarJeremiah’s pinewood derby Lightning McQueen is finally done. (You can see the layout, roughing, and painting in these previous posts).  Unfortunately, the painting didn’t go as easy as I imagined. It reminded me of elementary school.

In second grade, I remember the teacher gave us an assignment to draw and color a picture. I don’t remember what the topic of the drawing was suppose to be but I remember despising the idea of smudging my beautiful drawing with colored wax. So after some consideration, I decided to draw the best picture I could and leave it shaded and detailed with the soft graphite. I was proud of my creation until my teacher saw it. She was rather perturbed that I had failed to follow directions and, despite my protest, she instructed me rather sternly to color the drawing. So, grudgingly, I watched my beautiful drawing destroyed as I smeared the crayola onto the page.

That experience came rushing back none to fondly as I painted the McQueen Car. Troubles with the painting and masking tape led to a sanding and almost complete repaint. It wasn’t the relaxing finishing touches I had Polishing the Axlesimagined. But I finally got it painted and clear coated and we finished up the car the night before the big race.

The last step was to put the wheels on. But before we could pound the axle nails into the car theyPolished Axle needed cleaned up a little. The axles are rough and have some burrs on them as a result of the manufacturing process. So I chucked them into a small drill press and using some small strips of sand paper I polished them up through 1000-grit giving them a mirror sheen.

Dad and Jeremiah putting the wheels onTogether we pounded them on with a small hammer. Jeremiah’s practice with his Fisher-Price cobbler’sJeremiah putting the wheels on. bench has made him a natural with a hammer.  Dad is only holding on to slow him down.  Left to his own devices he swings that hammer like a miniature John Henry racing the steel driving machine.

Jeremiah with his Pinewood Derby Car