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Paint removed from tractor partsI have been side-tracked from this project for the last few weeks, working on Jeremiah’s Pinewood Derby Car. I also have been waiting on the replacement parts as well as studying for my Iowa Wastewater Grade 3 Certification Exam.

The Farmall 560 replacement partsreplacement parts finally came and that got me itching to work on it again. I ordered the parts from Mark Egli in Manson, Iowa (you can contact him by phone: 712-469-3949).  Mr. Egli operates Egli Farm Toys with a vast collection of tractors and tractor parts from the 1920’s on.

I wire-wheeled all the paint off the steel parts and started on the castings when I realized there was no way I was going to get all the paint out of the crevices that way. I made a few inquiries of friends about a sand-blaster I could use when I found out one of them had a bead-blasting cabinet. This worked great to get all the paint off (as you can see in the first picture) without any damage to the castings.

Worn Front Steering PostNext it was time to start some repairs. The first repair was to the front steering post where the axle goes through. From lots of year of driving around that hole has been worn and elongated. You can see from the wear marks on the steering post that the front wheels Drilling the front steering postwobbled and rub against it for years and if left alone, the new wheels would also wobble and wear the new paint off. So I had a local machinist fill in the hole with a bRepaired Front Steering Postead of weld then I re-drilled it in the proper position and to the proper size. Now the front wheels will ride straight and true like new.