It’s been a while since I have posted anything and not for lack of projects.  The projects have been piling up while I was busied with certifications and training for my day job. But that is all done for now and so I am back at it.

I am still working on the restoration of my Grandma’s Farmall 560 toy tractor but with the coming of spring, planter boxes that my wife wants have moved up the list of projects. I have been thinking about the boxes for some time but just today I sat down to actual design something.  And while I have been telling myself for a few years now that I was going to learn how to use Google’s Sketch-up, I haven’t invested the time to become fluent and fast with the software. So I still design most of projects using a pencil and paper.

I prefer graph paper when sketching out ideas to make it easier to maintain parallel and perpendicular. But my 3D or isometric sketches have always lacked the consistent third-degree angle that brings the project’s proportions to life. But thanks to ToolsforWorkingWood.com I can more easily make those isometric drawings. On their website you can download isometric grid paper to print off on your printer. The isometric paper has lines at 60 degrees to the horizontal that guide you as you draw the third dimensions.

Planter Box on Isometric Paper