Cut Nails

I just received my order of cut nails and a glue brush from Tools for Working Wood. I have read a lot about cut nails as of late. They are how the nails of over a century ago were made before being replaced by the wire nails that are familiar to us today. Some believe these old style and old technology nails are just that: old. But old doesn’t mean outdated and it definitely does not mean inferior (and if you want to know why read Joel’s Blog over at TFWW).

These nails are for my wife’s planter box. The next day after receiving them I sat at work and started to think of all the things I needed to accomplish and decided to make a list.  A list helps me to organize and prioritize and I just like the visual reinforcement of accomplishment as I check things off the list. So I started with what needed to be done to get started on this project (some sharpening of tools), then I thought about what else was coming due (my son’s birthday present), and what was over due (my wife’s Christmas present).  Then I began to think of all the projects that are waiting to be started (think: “I’ll get that and restore it”). And before long I had a long list:

  • Sharpen Tools
  • Planter Boxes
  • Son’s Birthday Present (This is my wife’s project that I only have to help make)
  • Wife’s 2011 Christmas Present
  • Saw Benches
  • Finish Workbench
  • Restore Table
  • Finish Restoring Grandma’s tractor
  • Wife’s Window Decoration (Another of those wife’s projects that I only have to help on)
  • Church’s Website
  • Restore/Repurpose Sputnik Lamp
  • Curtains
  • Tool restoratons
  • Touch-up Paint in Kitchen
  • Wood Tap and Die
  • Flat Folder
  • Folding Needle
  • Laying Press
  • Sewing Frame
  • Page Trimmer
  • Reupholster Chair
  • Chair 1 Restoration
  • Chair 2 Restoration
  • Rocking Chair Restoration (Yes, that make four different chairs, not counting the lawn chairs)
  • Touch-up paint on Wife’s Van
  • Refinish Desk
  • Projector Project for Church
  • Repaint and Make Cushions for Lawn Chairs
  • Finish Don Quixote (It is an awful book, I don’t care if it is suppose to be a classic)
  • Write a computer program that will make me rich (I actually have an idea, not necessarily one that will make me rich, but an idea, now all I have to do is learn how to write a computer program)
  • Learn Google Sketch-Up
  • Carve a New Howard the Duck (my son accidentally decapitated the old one)
  • Restore Runner Sled
  • Build a wooden canoe
  • Bind old magazines into books (this is waiting on the book binding projects listed above)
  • And more…

To my credit or shame, I am not sure which, some of these items have been on “my list” for 15 years and some of them are just afternoon projects. But I would consider it a pretty successful year if I could get through even half of them before I or my wife start thinking of new ones (like that four-poster bed she wants, or a new dresser).

Maybe I should quit writing and get back to work.