Jeremiah holding his new brotherThis May has been busier than ever for the TOHobo home. We celebrated two birthdays at the beginning of the month. The first was for the newest addition to our family, Samuel William who was born on May second. He is our second child and helps me realize how impressive of a feat it was by my own mother to raise four children and absolutely astounds me that my maternal grandmother raised fifteen. We are enjoying him immensely as he continues to do new things each day.
The second birthday that we celebrated was for our first born, Jeremiah.  He turned three just days after his baby brother was born.  We celebrated his birthday with a trip to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo, an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, and presents. One of the presents was a joint effort between his mother and I.
My wife, taking into account that Jeremiah enjoys pretending to cook and loves to do anything and everything that his daddy does, decided that the perfect present would be a toy charcoal grill.  She set to work finding materials and forming a plan. Parts found to make a toy Grill She found a small metal bowl (a food dish for your canine friend) for the kettle portion of the grill and a wooden trivet that just fit inside it for the grill rack. Along with these main components she gave me her vision and set me to work on the rest of the grill.
I formed legs for the grill with dowels, giving them a 10 degree slope and connecting them to the base of the metal bowl with some wood screws. Then I created some stringers for in between the legs out of a slightly smaller diameter dowel.  I used a coping saw to form a tight fit between the stringers and the round and sloping legs. I then secured the stringers with quarter inch dowels drilled through the legs and an inch into the end of the stringer.
To support the trivet that my wife found for the grill rack I used some metal shelf support brackets. These brackets available at the hardware store are about a half inch by half inch metal L shape with a quarter inch rod protruding from one leg of the L. That rod would normally be inserted into a hole in the side of a bookcase or cabinet while the shelf would rest on the other leg of the L.  But in my application, I drilled a hole in the side of the bowl and pushed the rod portion of the bracket through. I then mushroomed the rod into a nice dome shape to prevent it from pulling back through the side of the bowl.
I then turned the project back over to my wife. She painted the legs and the grill rack. Then she created some charcoal for his grill but cutting some small squares of wood, which she painted black with a touch of white on the edges. And finally she created some marshmallows and roasting sticks with the leftover dowel pieces.a toy grill
Jeremiah was excited with his grill and exclaimed it was what he had always wanted.  Now each time Dad goes out to grill supper he insists on taking his grill out to so he can help.