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The town I grew up in had one week each year where its citizens could pile whatever junk was in there house on the curb and the city would take it away free of charge.  We called it “Junk Days” and a friend of mine quipped that it was a city holiday.  Because as light dawned on junk days you would see pickups and trailers cresting the horizon in search of treasures.  Some had perfected the technique of removing cast aluminum grill tops for scrap metal while others were looking to trade up on their 1960’s couch to something maybe from the 70’s or, if they were lucky, the 80’s. And treasures to find there were. I actually have a park bench and a runner sled from the junk days.  Both had metal and wood frames and on both the metal was in good shape but the wood needed replaced.  The bench now sits in front of my house with new cedar slats and the runner sled, well the runner sled is on the list.
The last two towns I have lived in were lacking in this wondrous holiday.  Instead, residents are allowed to put it out whenever, for a fee of course. And while this makes it harder, there are still treasures to be had.  Last fall I found these children’s patio chairs. There were actually more, but I grabbed the three best looking ones and tucked them away till I could get around to working on them.
I started this past week with purchasing some outdoor fabric, next up to strip off the old paint and then give them a fresh new coat.

Chairs and Fabric