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Collection of ToolsThis past weekend was the Antique Walk in Walnut, Iowa. It is a event that Walnut, Iowa’s Antique City, has been hosting for thirty years.  With a downtown already lined with antique shops, scores of additional vendors line the city for several blocks. Similar to a large outdoor flea market, except they are more choosey about the vendors they let in, you have to be selling antiques not junk.

There was a lot of great pieces there, everything from from card catalogs to vacuum tube repairman kits. From spool cabinets to oscilloscopes. And of course tools. There were a lot of tools I could have bought and was tempted to buy, but I was on a budget.

I saw several dovetailed tool chest, some still had their tills, while others had been stripped of their tills and their paint and rubbed out with some oil instead.  It was also interesting to see all the different sizes, from small gentleman’s toolboxes to great big chests that would have taken three or four men to lift when full. Unfortunately these seem to have become a decoration and so the the prices where quite high. I was also surprised by the high prices old workbenches, mostly in the German style they were priced with tags in the thousands of dollars. Needless to say these were out of my budget.

I also found lots of project ideas.

Wooden TrayWood ToolboxChilds Rocking Chair






While some of the items where overpriced in my opinion I was able to negotiation for some very reasonable prices on the tools I bought.

I picked up a Saw vise with a turning cam that clamps it down on the saw plate.  Other than being a No .1 I haven’t done any research to find out the maker.  If you know comment below.

Saw ViseSaw Vise Cam Lock




I picked up this skew back Disston Saw with brass screws for five dollars.  It could use a good cleaning and sharpening, but with that done it will be a great rip saw.

Disston Rip SawDisston Saw handle




I was very happy with my Miller Falls eggbeater drill. It feels very smooth and tight in the gears and has the hollow handle for drill bits.  Somebody lost the original screw for the crank handle, but that will be an easy fix.

Miller Falls Hand DrillMiller Falls Handle




I also got a small oiler and a draw knife that was in great shape.


All in all it was a great Antique Walk and my Wife and I had fun looking at all the different items.