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curtain on the sewing machineI finally got around to finishing up some curtains for my wife. I had been dreading sewing them for almost a year now.  It isn’t because curtains are overly complex, in fact they are simple.  It is just a rectangle of fabric with the edges hemmed and a place for a curtain rod. But regardless of what the pins on pinterest and the bloggers tell you, they are not easy, at least they are not easy to do well.
Unfortunately, the simplicity of curtains makes it very hard to hide mistakes.  And invariably one side will end up just a little longer or without realizing it the hem will iron out crooked before you sew it. And if those weren’t noticeable enough the stitching will get you.  Often on curtains at least some of the stitching is seen and that stitching is always supposed to be straight for impossible miles of fabric.
I finished the curtains but have avoided looking at them because I know I will see something wrong with them. Next time I will just send the fabric to my sister, if she makes a mistake it won’t bother me as much.