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html code screen shot

I think it is time for me to get back in the shop. I am sure by now you have noticed the lack of posts in recent weeks.  I have been working, but that work has turned digital.

Creating digitally is just as fascinating to me as working with my hands, with one small difference. Working with my hands comes natural to me. I understand what my hands can do and how they can be upgraded with tools and devices.  My mind is quickly able to scan the material to understand how it is made and what can be done to and with it. Working with my hands also often means choosing one of a myriad of ways to accomplish a task.

Working digitally doesn’t come natural. Often I can imagine in my mind a design, but struggle to put it on the screen. Working with photoshop demands that I perceived things hidden away in menus. Programing in wordpress means using a singularity of acceptable methods.

There is that same enjoyment in having made something and same frustration when things go wrong (I started working on some digital projects because of a nasty incident with some painting). And yet the difference is enough that when one gets to be too much I can turn to the other for a creative outlet.

But for now I think I have had enough digital creativity.