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Farmall 560 DoneSome of the followers of this blog might have thought I forgot about this project or abandoned the progress I had made, but alas it is complete. It seemed like I had a hard time fitting this project in with everything else going on, probably because I had no deadline on the project.

I did, at one point, Rear of Tractorabandon it temporarily. Painting is my constant nemesis and it proved so repeatedly on this project.  The first can of paint I purchased from the Case Implement Dealership had the wrong mixture of paint-to-solvent and left me with a heavy orange peel texture on all the red, though the cream color from the same company went on smooth as silk.  So I smoothed all the orange peel with some steel wool, then cleaned the surface and repainted with a different brand of Farmall Red. I mean, I thought I cleaned the surface, but I noticed after I started spraying some particulates from the steel wool down in some of the engine crevices. Which meant I had to let the paint dry, sand down those spots till it was all removed, clean it triple sure, and repaint again.

The tractor is done now and on its way to my Grandma’s house.  I am really happy with how it came out and I think she will be too. And as much as I hate painting, I would love to do another in the future.Before and After Picture