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End of SketchWhen I first started this blog, I also started another, called “To Sketch a Life.” It was to have a much different attitude than this blog. Sketch was to be focused on graphic design. Whereas, TO Hobo is an unfocused documentary of the projects I undertake (actually, originally it was to be a DIY blog, but that never materialized). Sketch was about improving not only as an artist, but as a person. TO Hobo is about finishing what I start and maybe learning from mistakes along the way (which hasn’t always been the case, Painting is my evil nemesis).

Originally, I had every intention of maintaining both blogs, even posting to each weekly but that hasn’t been feasible. Furthermore, I realize now, more than ever that I will not be the next Vincent Van Gogh, though I continue to enjoy trying to create art. So, I am retiring Sketch and am going to try and bring the handful of posts over to TO Hobo. What does that mean if you are following TO Hobo? More variety. And don’t worry I intend to continue TO Hobo on into the foreseeable future, with content that encompasses all of my interests. I hope you enjoy the posts, be sure to leave some feedback, and share with your friends.