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Just got a new tool in the mail today. And while I enjoy using only hand powered tools when woodworking, when it comes to projects around the home a good power tool can’t be beat. Introducing the newest tool to the collection: The 12 volt Milwaukee Multi-tool Combo.Milwaukee Multi-tool

Towards the end of my career as a window installer, my boss purchased a Fein Multimaster for us to use on the job. And while it was no way near the do everything and anything tool that the infomercial made it out to be, it definitely was handy. Except for the cord, it was a pain finding outlets and running extension cords just to use the tool. So I am excited about the Milwaukee cordless version, partially because I love Milwaukee tools, but especially since my family will close on our first home in just over a week. I already have a list of projects that this tool can be put to work doing. And with its universal adapter, I can use the blades from any of the big name multi-tools, which will be a big help in small-town-rural-iowa where some manufactures’ items can be unavailable. I will be sure to follow up on this tool in the weeks following its use to let you know just how well it does perform.