Our First HomeI haven’t been very regular in my blog entries as of late and to that I do apologize. My family and I recently purchased our first home. It is a small ranch style home with that has a lot of possibilities.  But with the move and getting settled it hasn’t left me with much spare time. And the spare time I do have has been directed towards several smaller projects. This all takes time and to accomplish them as quickly as possible I haven’t been spending the time to document anything for a blog.
In the new house I have been making changes to the layout of some of the rooms.  The laundry was in the basement, with a washing machine on one side of the room and 15 feet away on the other side of the room was the dyer.  So I brought them together to serve their purpose side by side. In the 1950’s kitchen the extra deep cabinet were on one side of the narrow room with the appliances on the other. With a modern refrigerator this made a tight squeeze to get through with the doors open. So we relocated the appliances to the wall with the cabinets by cutting out some of them. This did cost us some cabinet space and counter space, but the plan is to put up some open shelving and a narrow counter-top on the wall that was once home to the appliances, effectively giving all that lost space back and more. And my wife is also painting the fir-plywood cabinets to refresh their look for the time being.
If home renovations are the kind of thing you get excited about, don’t worry, I haven’t glossed over the best parts, those are yet to come.  So check back in the weeks to come to see the shelves, a bathroom renovation and much more.