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Whoppers Cupcake Label

My oldest sister loves to bake and make cakes, and she is good at it.  I’ve seen a lot of cakes (my wife is a wedding photographer) and by comparison she could go pro, but she does it for the enjoyment of making them and doesn’t want it to turn into a drudgery. So it was no surprise when she sent me an email talking about some special cupcakes she had made for a fundraiser at her kids’ school. It also wasn’t a surprise when she wanted some help from me with the labels for the cupcakes.
What was a surprise was the time frame. I got her email early Friday morning wanting to know if I could have something ready before Saturday morning. Now to her credit she had emailed me Thursday but I had been so busy with other things going on, I never had a chance to check my email. So I was crunched for time, especially since I work a 12 hour day on Friday before going back in for an 8 hour day on Saturday, but I like my sister and decided I had a couple hours to do my best to help.
I have down time at work while I monitor controls so it gave me time during the day to sketch out some ideas in my Field Notes.  She had taken care of the concept for me with the cupcake flavors it was just up to me to make those into labels. One of her cupcakes was inspired by Hershey’s Whoppers candy and the other was Lemon flavored, which in keeping with the candy theme reminded me of the Lemonhead candies I use to eat as a child.
I didn’t simply want to screenshot the candy and make a label from them, beyond the copyright infringement there is nothing about it that would be a skill builder, other than cloning out unwanted portions. So I poured through san serif fonts to find something similar to the Whoppers’ font. Finally I found “Tondu” by The Northern Block  over at dafont. Then I searched serif and retro fonts for something similar to the Lemonheads’ font and found nothing. Maybe there is something out there, but with the time constraints I was under I just couldn’t find it. So I abandon the search for that font, instead I selected a comic font that was just fun, “Soup of Justice” by Omen type over at dafont. And I selected “Coolvetica” by Typodermic Fonts over at dafont for the subtext.
Next step was the color scheme, but with my two candies in mind that was already chosen for me. I easily captured the different iconic colors of both brands was ready to make labels. Originally they were both going to feature the flavor perched inside of a muffin paper but I was working on short time and so only used the muffin paper for the Whoppers candy.  Looking at the muffin wrapper I wish I would have had the time to better form it, but for the most part I am happy with how it turned out.
I wish I would have had more time to work out the designs, but with a completion time of just over three hours I was happy with what I was able to make.  What do you think? – Leave your comments below.

Lemon Cupcake Label