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Vintage Boyce and Crane Advertising

This week I traveled across the great state of Iowa after a vintage 14″ Boyce – Crane Bandsaw. A cast iron behemoth from the 1930’s, it was advertised as being for the home shop. Granted you had to buy the motor separate and wire it up on your own, which speaks to the quality of the hobby woodworker of that period.

A lot of features were optional, Close Up of Wood Cool Blockslike the aluminum blade cover and thrust bearings seen in the ad, which my saw doesn’t have. So I will be fashioning a nice wood cover for the blade and may look into retrofitting an aftermarket thrust bearing. Another nice feature of the saw is the wood cooling blocks below the table.Boyce and Crane

As you can see in the picture of mine, one of the previous owners had put a speed reducer on to use it to cut metal with it, so I will be removing that. I also have to put new tires on the wheels, as most of the original tires are gone. It also needs a new electrical cord and I am wanting a nice paddle switch to turn it off. So it needs a little work, but for 25 dollars I couldn’t be happier. And it looks amazing.

Boyce Crane Bandsaw