It’s customer service at its best.

Maybe it is a sign that I spend too much time at the hardware store, but at my local Do it Best Hardware the employees know my name. They ask about my family and take time to stoop and talk to my toddler. They crack jokes, share stories and make the trip fun and interesting.

They take care of my marriage.

A month back I was needing some spare keys made for the house. My wife volunteered to go out with the kids in tow while I was at work to have them made, but I told her I would just stop on the way home from work. So, after work I walked into the hardware store with the key in my hand and the worker looks at me and asks, “doesn’t work?” Slightly confused but with my mission in mind I simply respond, “just need some copies.” At which point he asks, “didn’t your wife get enough of them made?” He then informs me that my wife was just in a little while back and made copies, somewhere in the discussion of who would get the key copies my wife and I both thought it was our task for the day. Luckily, the hardware store was there to aid with the communication in my marriage.

They take care of my wallet.

Today, I went in to get some paint, painter’s tape, and a handful of rivets from the hardware trays. I get my items and head up to the register where the franchise owner is waiting. He rings up my paint and tape, and I begin to tell him the price and quantity of my rivets and washers, and he says, “ah don’t worry about those.” It’s not much, just a few dollars worth of hardware, but its nice to feel appreciated in that small way.

If you haven’t stopped at one lately, search out your local hardware store – you are sure to make some friends.