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Packaging of a ChiselI got a new toy in the mail today. All of the way from the UK via eBay, I got a vintage mortise chisel.  Originally I wanted an English Mortise Chisel from Tools for Working Wood, but the 1/4 inch is out of stock and when I contacted them they weren’t sure when more would come in. I looked about for other makers of trapezoidal tang style mortise chisels, but all I could find was more modern socket chisels with square sides. So, I decided to go vintage and found this one for a very reasonable price, even with shipping it from the UK.

Luckily it arrived today, I say luckily because after it was sent I realized that I hadn’t update my address on eBay since I had moved. But the post office was able to find me anyways. So I got it sharpened and ready to use this morning.Mortise Chisel