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Hemming the edges of the fabric

I had a little different project down in the workshop recently. My church is  hosting a soccer camp for kids this summer and they wanted some flags made of the different teams. So I volunteered to sew up six different flags in six different colors.

Sewing is something I enjoy, but for lack of experience – it is not something I am very good at. I sew on an old 1950’s Kenmore that my best friend’s mom gave me in college when I commented on liking to sew. She was an avid quilter and was always trying to convince more people to learn the joys associated with quilting. I never have quilted but I have enjoyed that machine in a variety of other ways, including taking it apart to make repairs.

Ironing the shapes

One of the things that I have learned about sewing is that ironing makes a difference. Early on I would just try to pin some pieces together, slide them under the pressure foot, and jam the pedal down – sewing like that is frustrating. Now, I rarely try to sew anything that hasn’t been ironed. For these flags I carefully ironed the hems all the way around (I ironed on a bath towel that was protecting the table. My ironing board isn’t big enough to allow the entire flag to lay flat).

pinned for sewingEach flag is actually a single piece of fabric folded on the one edge that receives the pole. The remaining three sides are hemmed and double-stitched together. I made each color flag a different shape as well, some having more triangles than others. To do this I carefully laid out one side, cut it, and ironed it. Then I cut and ironed the back side to match, pinning it as I went.

Completed Flags