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Old Mailbox, bentOur house came with an ugly mailbox, in fact just about everyone’s on the block came with the exact same ugly mailbox, they must have got a group discount. Luckily, somebody backed into our mailbox before we lived here and it has just gotten worse and worse so it was easy to justify replacing it.

Digging with a Post Hole Digger

I wanted a nice wood post instead of that ugly steel post, but that means more work in the installation of the new mailbox. I had to dig a hole deep enough for the new post instead of just driving the steel post into the ground. And then I lined the bottom of the hole with about 5 inches of rock to allow water to drain away from the base of the post and prevent it from rotting it eventually. I also filled the first foot around the post with rock for the same reason.

Rock for the Hole

Normally, I would use limestone gravel for this purpose  but I recently was offered as much riverrock as I cared to shovel from a neighbor, so I took full advantage of it.

With all of that taken care of it was time to set the new mailbox in place. I made the wood post from a fir 4×4 and the two pieces connect with a very strong mortise and tenon joint. The bracket is purely for decoration.