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Before Condition of Sputnik

Years ago, my sister and her husband remodeled their 1960’s home. Hanging in the stairwell that led down to the finished basement was this 16 arm sputnik lamp. This beautiful mid-century modern fixture was too mid-century for their modern remodel and so down it came. When I discovered it lonely and sad in the corner with all the things destined for the garbage dump I rescued it.

It traveled around with me for a lot of years after that. First in one closet and then another. I quickly realized as a renter I would never have a place to permanently install it.

So I converted it into a table lamp. This first involved a complete disassembly so I could clean and polish each individual piece. After that the conversion was pretty straightforward. I bought a longer brass mounting rod for the lamp and a walnut base for it to stand upon. Then I purchased gold lamp cord with an inline switch to wire power to the lamp.

Now I could enjoy the lamp without ever worrying about permanently installing it. I say “could” because between the time I rescued the lamp and finished it I got married. And I enjoy being married but with marriage comes sacrifice – including a vintage sputnik lamp. If you like it, it could be yours – visit my Etsy Shop to find it.

Sputnik OffSputnik light details Sputnik base details Sputnik on